Thursday, 17 February 2011

London: Acton Town Station

 Well here's 2 of my best shots from when I went up to London last week. First of all is a shot of the tube at 800 ISO. Pretty suprised at how well it went as the people and the "mind the gap" are not blurred. Took me a few shots to actually get this and even after with the same settings I only got the train to bend. A lesson to take from this would be plan for the unseen. I couldn't see the people in the background as they were obscured by the moving train but if I move it up to include the heads  of the people in the background it would've topped off this image Made this into a negative for some photography work.

Really pleased with this one too! I did put it into GIMP which is rare for me with photography, all I did was up the saturation to bring out the blue and red then upped the contrast and lowered the brightness to bring out the yellow. Besides the rubbish bin in the background I'm pretty proud of this. Like before, what I need to take away from this is to pay attention from the background. I actually managed to get this shot on the first try so I was happy with that (besides, who wants to be seen taking pictures of signs? Stereotypical tourist! XD)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Beach shots

All of the photos I took at the beach today were horribly out of focus due to the wind pushing me around so here's my best photo today. shot at ISO 400 as I didn't want any noise but I wish went higher instead. Least I've learnt not to be afraid to boost the ISO if I need it next time.